This Website!

When I first started this site, I just wanted a place to store all my projects, and eventually turned it into a place I can post my unhinged rants and minutiae on programming and other things. I commissioned my brother Hubz to create me a simple website, and he did so, using apache2 and php7 to generate simple pages in a way that I could easily modify them for my own needs, he also designed the pages in a way that was satisfactory and fast to load and render on all of my own devices. I didn't want it to be overcomplicated. Later, I added the blog page so that I could yell at clouds.

However, recently, I started to learn Go, a hot new programming language I just kept seeing all over the place, in so many places that I just couldn't ignore it anymore, so I decided to give it a Go.

As a simple first project, I decided to write a server for this website using Go, and that's the website you're using right now! It's a little overengineered simply because I wanted to try my hand at some of the libraries and features available, for instance, this page is actually a template embedded within another template that implements all the common features found on all the pages on this site, the main portfolio page uses an SQL database to store all the projects, their template paths and thumbnail images, they are all pulled on-the-fly by the server and used to generate the grid you see. A similar system is also used for blog posts.

During the development, I also changed the frontend considerably, completely changing the way the portfolio grid works to make it more consistent on different screen sizes, as well as reworking the navbar to be modifiable from my Go code.

Overall, it's been a fun and worthwhile project, and now I can do anything I want! Which is great, although I honestly don't want much. Enjoy!